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May 24, 2024

  VBS, June 10th - 12th Wondering what you're going to do with your K4 - 6th grader through the summer? If you don't have plans, we would love for you to join us for this year's Vacation Bible School. June 10th through the 12th, there will be games, crafts, story time, and snacks. Doors open at 8:30 and pickup will be at 12 noon.  *For clarification - if your student just graduated from 6th grade, they have officially graduated from VBS as well. Sorry about that.  Congratulations Class of 2024! The halls are emptier. The atmosphere has changed. The Seniors are gone and the 11th graders are gearing up to take their place come next fall. Everyone has been counting the days and the days are upon us. Those difficult moments when we were certain the end wouldn't come - have passed. All those tests, quizzes, and homework assignments are at an end.  You had a job to do and it is now finished. That chapter is closing - never to return. Change is here and things will fade and ne

May 16, 2024

   Upcoming Events Walkathon Update We wanted to thank you once again for your generosity towards this year's Walkathon Projects. As of today, over $110,000 has been raised to better our school's locker rooms and playgrounds. Your generosity has helped and will continue to help FRCS be a better place for years to come. And a special shoutout goes to our special sponsors below: Baseball Tournament Results If you missed it, you missed some fun baseball games last week! FRCS won the TACS State Title for 2024;  All Tournament goes to Brix Wisdom and Mason Alcorn, while the MVP was Benjamin Walker. Congratulations y'all, thank you for a great season! Gala For real, please don't wait any longer. If you're planning on attending Gala and haven't gotten your tickets, please do so as soon as possible in the high school office. Or Mrs. Lawwell if Mrs. Anderson is out. Premier seating (by your friends) is limited and we may have to seat you next to the not so cool crow

May 9, 2024

  Softball 5/6 - 5/11 - TSIAA Varsity Softball Tournament Baseball 5/13-5/14 - MS Baseball Tournament, Home, times TBD Walkathon Fun Day, 5/10 It's tomorrow and I'm going to give you the deets so pay attention. If your Preschooler through 6th grader has qualified to participate in Fun Dayy ($50 for 2-hours and $100 for 4-hours) they may come to school in PE shorts. They will have fun. There will be smiles, laughing, and tired children (hopefully) at the end of the day on Friday.  Parents, you are welcome to share this fun day with your student. Here's the jumping schedule: 8:05-9:30 Preschool 9:00-11:00 K5, 1st, 2nd grade 10:00-12:00 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade 12:00-2:00 Preschool, K5, 1st, 2nd grade 12:45-2:45 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Spiritwear Sale The Spiritwear Sale is still in effect so if you didn't get a chance to peruse the tables and stock up for next year, you're in luck. Swing by and see what you can get for 50% off. PS - there will be a few yearbo

May 2, 2024

Soccer 5/2-5/4 - TACS Girls Soccer Tournament, Home 5/3 - MS Soccer, Away, Upperman Middle, 5:30 Softball 5/6 - 5/11 - TSIAA Varsity Softball Tournament, location TBD  Baseball 5/2-5/4 - TACS State Varsity Baseball Tournament, Home 5/6-5/11 - TSIAA Tournament, Varsity Baseball, location TBD 5/7 - MS Baseball, Away, MT Heat, 4:00 5/13-5/14 - MS Baseball Tournament, Home, times TBD Walkathon Thank You! Once again, you have shown that FRCS has the best of the best students and parents. Thank you just doesn't convey how much we and future generations of students appreciate your generosity and support for this year's projects. You will never know how much your support has made a difference in the lives of others. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. TACS Tournaments, 5/2-5/4 The year is winding down-I know it doesn't feel like it with so much going on, but it is. So if you haven't made it any games yet and you had intended to do so, this may be your last chance. Come join

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September 14, 2023

  Volleyball 9/14 FH Jenkins, Home, MS - 5:00  9/21 Franklin Christian, Away, MS - 4:30, V - 5:30 9/22 South Haven, Away, MS - 4:00, V - 5:00 Cross Country 9/14 Siegel Invite, Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Varsity only - 4:15 9/21 TIAA Webb School, MS - 4:30 9/25 TSIAA week 4, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, Varsity - 5:50 10/2 TSIAA week 5, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, Varsity - 5:50 10/10 TAACS State Championship (Varsity Only) - 12:00 pm 10/16 TSIAA State Championship, Hermitage, TBD Golf 9/21 Cedar Crest/South Haven, 3:00 Soccer 9/14 Temple Powell, Home, 4:00 9/22 Central, Home, 4:00   Tent Revival Time, 9/16 Don't forget to join us for our annual Fall Tent Revival. Saturday kicks off the festivities with a fun carnival for the kids starting at 3:00, (did I mention that it's free?) dinner on the grounds at 5:30, and good old-fashioned preaching starting at 7:00 pm. So bring your bag chair and maybe a lap blanket to cuddle under, and be refreshed and revived.  Sunday - 6:30 with Dav

August 17, 2023

      Volleyball 8/17 FC Boyd, Away, MS - 6:00, VG - 7:00 8/18 Lancaster, Home, VG - 4:00 8/19 Franklin Classical, Away, MS - 12:30, VG - 1:30 8/21 Zion Christian, Home, MS - 4:00, VG - 5:00 Cross Country 8/19 Fairview Moon Light Miles, Fairview High School, late afternoon to evening 9/2 Turn the Page Invite at Vaughn's Gap, 8:00-11:00 am 9/5 TSIAA week 1, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50 9/11 TSIAA week 2, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50 9/14 Siegel invite, Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Varsity only - 4:45-5:45 9/21 TIAA Webb School, MS - 4:30 9/25 TSIAA week 4, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50 10/2 TSIAA week 5, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50 10/10 TAACS State Championship (Varsity Only) - 12:00 pm 10/16 TSIAA State Championship, Hermitage, TBD Golf 8/21 Oak Hills/South Haven, Greenbriar, 3:30 8/28 Sculleys/Central, Jackson, 3:00 8/31 Cedar Crest/Pleasant View, Murfreesboro, 3:00 9/8 Valley Brook/Berean, Hixson, 3:00 Soccer 8/21 Berean, Home, 4:00 8/29 Berean, Away

December 28, 2023

         Basketball 1/8 - Christian Community, Home, JVB - 5:00; VG - 6:00; VB - 7:30 1/9 - Pleasant View, Home, MSG - 4:00, MSB - 5:00, VG - 6:00, VB - 7:30 1/11 - Dickson Christian, Away, MSG - 6:00, MSB - 7:00 1/13 - Homecoming - Alumni Recognition - 10:00 1/13 - Franklin Christian, Home - VB - 11:30, VG - 1:00, JVB - 2:30, MSG - 3:30, MSB - 4:30 Christmas Project = Success! If you didn't make it to Christmas Chapel, you really missed out on a great time. As you can see, this is one of the most exciting times of the school year. Congratulations to the B&L Foundation of Shelbyville, we were able to raise $15,105.47 to go toward purchasing paper to print Bibles. And thank you to everyone who came out for the Pink Out for Mrs. Kramer. Your encouragement was felt and appreciated. Spirit Week, 1/8-1/12 School will resume January 8th and it will be a full day full of school spirit, and boy, do the cheerleaders have a great week lined up for you! Monday - Mascot Monday (sports them