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August 17, 2023



8/17 FC Boyd, Away, MS - 6:00, VG - 7:00
8/18 Lancaster, Home, VG - 4:00
8/19 Franklin Classical, Away, MS - 12:30, VG - 1:30
8/21 Zion Christian, Home, MS - 4:00, VG - 5:00

Cross Country

8/19 Fairview Moon Light Miles, Fairview High School, late afternoon to evening
9/2 Turn the Page Invite at Vaughn's Gap, 8:00-11:00 am
9/5 TSIAA week 1, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50
9/11 TSIAA week 2, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50
9/14 Siegel invite, Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Varsity only - 4:45-5:45
9/21 TIAA Webb School, MS - 4:30
9/25 TSIAA week 4, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50
10/2 TSIAA week 5, The Hermitage, MS - 5:20, HS - 5:50
10/10 TAACS State Championship (Varsity Only) - 12:00 pm
10/16 TSIAA State Championship, Hermitage, TBD


8/21 Oak Hills/South Haven, Greenbriar, 3:30
8/28 Sculleys/Central, Jackson, 3:00
8/31 Cedar Crest/Pleasant View, Murfreesboro, 3:00
9/8 Valley Brook/Berean, Hixson, 3:00


8/21 Berean, Home, 4:00
8/29 Berean, Away, 3:30


If you haven't already done so, please fill out and either return -or submit- those forms so we can put them into the system. This helps us know who can -or cannot- pick up your student, what medicine they can -or cannot- take, and other vital pieces of information we need to better care for your child. 


Thank you so much for your help in this!


Traffic Flow

Everyone knows that getting to school can be tricky business. We really want to keep everyone safe, so we're asking that in the mornings, you do not turn left onto Hwy 96 unless you go to the light on Gresham

It's a madhouse and honestly, it's pretty dangerous at the best of times. If you don't like that idea, please come into the school property the back way off of Almar Knot Drive as seen in the Traffic Flow Map below. 

And remember, the parking lot speed limit is only 10 mph, so if you're late, remember. You're already late. Don't speed through the lot. :)

**Just FYI, please remember that the West Entrance is not a drop off zone in the mornings before 8:00 am. If you need/want to walk your student in, please park between the buildings and walk them in, or go through the drop off line. I'm away from my desk quite a bit in the mornings and I don't want you to wait endlessly at the West door. 

Prayer Walk 8/19

This Saturday, there will be a Prayer Walk here on the premises of Franklin Road Christian School. We would love it if you and your family would join us as we pray for protection on our school, students and families, and our teachers and staff. Let's get this year started right!

7:30-9:00 am Saturday, August 19th. As an added incentive, I do believe Chick-fil-a will be available for any who would like some. This is a come and go event. 

See you there!

Lunch Ordering

Please have your lunch orders in Sunday night by 11:59 pm so we can be sure to feed your student. We really do like these children and we really do dislike saying no, because we all know what happens when people are hungry. They get hangry and we don't want that. If you have any issues ordering, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Smart Cards

The very last day you can return your unsold Smart Cards and any money you have collected into the office is September 1st. If you haven't gotten any yet, stop by the office and pick up a couple, or two, or ten, and sell them to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. The funds go toward covering classroom needs for teachers. 

We have Rutherford, Coffee, Davidson, and a couple more counties available. Check in the office for a complete list!


Show your school spirit - next week there will be a table in front of the elementary office for you to purchase the newest spiritwear for the 2023-2024 school year. Make sure to stop by and see what we have.

Teacher Favorites/Amazon Wishlist

Many of you have asked for your child's teacher's favorites list. Here you go. Click this link and search until your heart is content. Hope this helps!

Thank You So Much!

We would like to send out a very heartfelt Thank You to Chris Payton of Honda Murfreesboro for sponsoring the Girls Volleyball shirts. They turned out awesome and we are very grateful for your generosity towards our team. We just can't wait to see our team in action!

101 Random

  • Did you know that supermarket apples can be a year old by the time you purchase them? Notice I did say 'can be'. Which means, because I have literally no luck, I am the one who purchases the ones that are super old. How do I know this? Because the very next day, they're all brown and I have to toss them to the birds. 
  • The U.S. Treasury once printed a $100,000 dollar bill that wasn't put into general circulation. I can understand why - takes losing your purse or wallet to a whole new level of panic, doesn't it.
  • In Chico, California, it is illegal to make, maintain, or use a nuclear weapon. Besides total annihilation, it comes with a hefty fine of...$500. Which begs the question of whom would be paying said fine once it was detonated? I think we'd have bigger problems at that point.
  • In Connecticut, if you purchase a pickle and it doesn't bounce, you've been scammed. According to the Connecticut Food and Drug Commissioner, real pickles should bounce when dropped from a height of one foot. Trust me. If my pickle falls off my plate at the next BBQ I'm at in Connecticut, the last thing I'm going to worry about is if it bounced or not. 

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